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Centro Cultural PUCE, Quito, 2023
Project beneficiary of the Mycelium PUCE grant

The rumor is an experience that always unfolds in the present. It is a sign of life. It is the voice, the meaning, the listening to something that is and is sometimes perceived from a moral standpoint: it's either good or bad. However, the rumor always occurs as a possibility. It shows that something is happening and persists. It is a latency of life that resides in the body and in matter.

The exhibition "Rumor" is a space for dialogue and sharing knowledge and feelings. It is the history of the La Pila community and La Pila as a history in the plural and with multiple resonances. It is a two-way exchange of artistic/craft practices between life stories and ancestral histories. "Rumor" challenges the silence of the museum, the collection, the discipline, and the scientific discourse.

The rumor reaches us as messages from generations that inhabit the stones, the water, the mud, and the sound of the voices of the elders and the imagined futures of the youngest.

Malena Bedoya, curadora

Un proyecto de Pamela Cevallos

Curaduría: Malena Bedoya

Artistas participantes: Ana Mercedes García, Ángel Gómez, Arlyn Acosta, Consuelo Mezones, Daniel Mezones, Eddie Véliz, Gema Quijije, Genaro López, Guillermo Quijije, Javier Rivera, Jeskiana García, Manuel Quijije, María Inés González del Real, Mathias Bermello, Nebraska Flores, Oscar Enríquez, Pamela Cevallos, Paula Toscano, Wesley Aristega

Museografía y diseño de dispositivos: Víctor Hoyos

Asistencia de montaje: Wilson Játiva y Aníbal Gonzalón

Diseño gráfico: Oswaldo Terreros

Proyecto educativo: Valeria Carrera y Sarahí García

Fotografías: Ricardo Bohórquez

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