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Visual artist, anthropologist, curator, researcher and professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. PhD candidate in Society and Culture from the University of Barcelona. She works mainly with objects and installations, but also with painting and drawing, addressing the social life of things, collection and exhibition practices and archival uses. Collaborating since 2015 with the community of La Pila on the issue of appropriations of the pre-Hispanic past, Cevallos explores the hermeneutic and political potential of replication as a strategy to destabilize originality and authenticity. She has participated in exhibitions such as the XV Cuenca Biennial, Ecuador (2021), where she won the Paris Award; also, at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore (2019); and the Contemporary Art Center, Quito, Ecuador (2018). Her works are part of the collection of the National Museum of Ecuador.

She has researched the history of modern and contemporary art in Ecuador. She is the author of the book La intransigencia de los objetos. La Galería Siglo XX y la Fundación Hallo en el campo del arte moderno ecuatoriano 1964 - 1979 (2013) and has co-edited two volumes on art in the 1990s in Ecuador (2021). She has been curator of the anthological exhibition of Pablo Barriga (2016) and  co curator of the exhibition Amarillo, azul y roto. Años 90: arte y crisis en Ecuador (2019).



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